• Equipment Leasing
    • Kosun provides the equipment leasing business for customers accordingly, including solids control equipment leasing and the oil drilling tools leasing etc.
    • Equipment and Spare Parts Sales
    • Kosun manufacture Drilling Solids Control Equipment and Drilling Waste Management Equipment for more than 20 years experience with API, IADC, ISO and CE certificated.
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • KOSUN provides customers the service on solids control,mud handling,waste treatment,disposal of cuttings etc
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    ES-KSN Products
  • KOSUN ZJ50 Solid Control System sent to Shale Gas Exploration and development site
  • Recently, KOSUN ZJ50 Solid Control System has been completed and successfully delivered to the customers construction site. This sy
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  • 31Oct
  • KOSUN Black Rhino Tail Slurry Treatment System Put into use in Mumbai Subway Construction in India
  • Recently, KOSUNblack rhino T ail S lurry Treatment S ystem was installed and commissioned in the construction of the first subway l
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  • KOSUN is international brand in solids control and drilling waste management equipments manufacturer with rich experience, and also engaged in the relevant global service.  

    KOSUN is always insisting on winning the market by product upgrading and technical innovations, keenly grasps the customers’ demands and enjoys a high reputation in the industry ...