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    Black Rhino Shale Shaker


    Black Rhino Shale Shaker Overview

    Vibrating Motor

    Adopt Italvibras vibrating motors

    Power: 2.5×2=5 hp

    G force adjustable: 5.0~7.0 G

    Easy maintenance: 2000h lubrication interval

    Approved for Hazardous Duty

    Certified for North American use by CSA and UL

    Three-Year Warranty

    AWD Deck Angle Adjustment System

    The patented lifting system with 8-year designed life is easy and quick operation, and simple maintenance. 

    Comparing with lifting device of hydraulic cylinder, AWD deck angle adjustment system enables raising or lowering the screen basket from -1° to +5° without interrupting operation only by turning the handle, which is convenient and efficient.

    The angles at left and right sides of screen basket are synchronously adjusted, which is more convenient and stable, and can avoid the mud deviation.

    The rolling pulley structure is more labor-saving than the sliding type.

    Locking Device

    It adopts a self-locking structure, possesses a reliable performance and can be easily operated. It only takes 30 seconds to lock or unlock the screen box.

    On the market, most shale shakers are fastened by bolts, the operation makes more time, labor and fasteners consumed.

    Weir Feeder

    The weir structure effectively reduces the impact force of drilling fluid onto the screen and enables the drilling fluid to evenly spread over the screen surface.

    The submersible bypass valve can easily open and close the silted feeder bottom.


    Black Rhino Shale ShakerBlack Rhino Shale ShakerBlack Rhino Shale Shaker

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